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About me


Dogs have been my great love for as long as I can remember. In my family I was definitely born into the wrong place, because while my aunt used to have at least 5 Beagles and bred them herself, the subject of dogs was always in vain with my parents. They just couldn't imagine so much responsibility, the restrictions of freedom and the dog hair in every corner.


Nevertheless, I never gave up, continued to wish myself a loyal companion for every birthday and every Christmas party and promised myself that I would go straight to my 18th birthday to make this dream come true. What was a naive and irresponsible thought at the time, funnily enough, came true later in almost the same way. As I was getting closer to the age of 18, I realized that I had a few months between my Abitur and my studies to get used to the new family member and so after 10 years of waiting I finally started looking for my first dog.


I came across the homepage of the "Jumping Kiwis" who immediately addressed me with their cheerful name and the wonderful dogs. So I got in contact with Claudia, who proved to be an absolutely amazing and competent breeder at all times and I was lucky: She was just waiting for her Zuna to come in heat.


From then on everything got really exciting. Many conversations followed, puppy visits, getting the initial equipment and all the other things that I had been waiting for so long. When I visited the puppies at 5 weeks old, I had the choice between 3 of the little girls and it was immediately clear: it should be the little Ginny (now Yuna). She was curious and had the cutest puppy face I had ever seen. I still remember that I wanted to take her home with me so badly that day.

But the weeks after that passed quickly with all the preparation going on and so I picked up the little fluffball when she was 8 weeks old and would'nt want to miss her a day since then. She brings so much joy into my life and is really exactly what I have always wanted: my best friend on four paws. And so I hope that she will pass on her wonderful character to her offspring so she can always remain a part of my life.

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