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My Border Collie puppies are raised in a loving family environment. From the beginning, they are a part of daily life and grow up with us and the other dogs. For the first 3 weeks, they spend time with their mother in the whelping box next to my bed, so I can watch them and intervene quickly if necessary. After that, we spend a lot of time in the garden shed in the summer, where the puppies can decide whether they want to spend their time inside or outside through the attached outdoor area during the day. This, by the way, also makes house training easier ;)​​

I try to socialize the puppies as well as possible and introduce them to different situations. Before they leave me at the earliest at 8 weeks, all puppies have already traveled in a car, met cats, horses, and other animals, gained positive experiences with people of all ages, become familiar with different surfaces as well as water, and become accustomed to typical household noises such as vacuum cleaners, televisions, or music. All of this is important so that the puppies learn to adapt to new situations and can develop stable behavior.

Eingezäunter Welpenauslauf im Garten mit angrenzendem Gartenhaus und Pavillion

Auslauf im Garten (wird noch mit diversen Spielmöglichkeiten ausgetattet)

Eine selbstgebaute Wurfkiste aus Holz

The Neighbours have Goats, Chickens, Sheep & Horses

The puppies receive regular veterinary examinations, vaccinations, and deworming treatments, so they can grow up healthy and happy and become accustomed to future visits to the vet.

From the third to the sixteenth day, I apply early neurological stimulation (ENS) to the puppies. This consists of 5 simple "exercises," each lasting no more than 5 seconds, to help them fulfill their natural abilities to the highest level. The identified benefits of early neurological stimulation are:

  • Improved cardiovascular performance (heart rate),

  • Stronger heartbeats,

  • Stronger adrenal glands,

  • More stress resistance,

  • Greater resistance to disease.

I am aware that buying a puppy is a great responsibility, and I want to ensure that they go to loving homes. I offer comprehensive guidance for future owners to ensure that my puppies move to a home where they are well taken care of. I also support my future puppy owners after the purchase and am happy to answer any questions they may have.

If we have already agreed on which puppy is right for them, I am also happy to start getting the puppy used to its new name, if it is already decided! Additionally, I will consider any special socialization wishes if your fur baby will grow up in a particular environment.

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