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My Conditions

As a responsible breeder, I want to ensure that my puppies go to a loving and safe home. For this reason, I reserve the right to interview potential buyers and, if necessary, obtain a reference before placing a puppy.

I also want to stay in touch after the sale and be kept up to date on the lives of my furry friends. Of course, I don't expect constant updates, but I appreciate any pictures and stories of what they've experienced and accomplished together.

Caring for a dog also requires regular vaccinations, deworming, etc. You are responsible for ensuring that the dog receives all necessary veterinary care, whether for accidents, illness, or routine checkups. Please be aware that this can result in significant costs.


As the Border Collie is a working dog, you should provide it with suitable tasks that correspond to its natural disposition. These can include activities such as herding, agility, obedience, or similar. If you don't have any ideas about what might be fun for you and your dog, I'm happy to advise you and help you find a suitable program. Without adequate activity, the dog may become bored and begin developing unwanted behaviors such as destruction or excessive barking.




I want to get to know you before you buy a puppy, and I always make time for visits. It's important to me that all puppies find the right home, and we have the opportunity to find out which puppy is right for you. In addition, each puppy must be personally picked up. I may make exceptions for homes outside of germany.


If for any reason you cannot keep the dog, you must coordinate its rehoming with me so that I can ensure that the new home is suitable. Otherwise, the puppy must be returned to me. I won't blame you for this, as my only concern is that the dog is well and has a chance for a beautiful new home.







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