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Jumping Kiwis Ginny 


Birthday:  06/17/2018

Color: black and white

Dam: Zuna von den Buschchaoten

Sire: Avalon from the stone of scone

Breeder: Claudia Schmejkal, Jumping Kiwis Border Collies

HD: B  ED: 0  OCD: free

Eyes: free from hereditary diseases

Size: 49 cm / 13,5 kg

About Yuna


Yuna is my very first dog, for which I had to wait 10 years, and what can I say? She fulfills all the expectations I had for a Border Collie. She is fast, agile, and smart. In no time, she masters every challenge that comes her way and doesn't shy away from difficulties. She is friendly, outgoing, and loves to have people around her. In everyday life she is relaxed, knows exactly which situations require calmness, and when action is required.

We have already done Dogdancing and Obedience together, but we stuck with Agility because this sport is the most fun for us. We go to training once a week and hope to be able to compete in our first tournament soon. Yuna has already passed her BH!

Some pictures of Yuna:

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