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A new Beginning...

The last few weeks have been really intense. After I received my kennel name protection, we immediately started preparing the puppy room and outdoor area so that the kennel inspection could take place. While I was putting up fences and laying down flooring, my boyfriend and his father made me a beautiful wooden whelping box.

For the outdoor area, we initially only fenced up the space and set up a pavilion for sun and rain protection. When the puppies actually arrive, it will become a real puppy paradise. The little furballs should get to know different surfaces, noises, and toys early on and be able to entertain themselves in their outdoor area in a versatile way. When the time comes, I will definitely dedicate a separate blog post to the rearing conditions ;)

Although it is still so empty, it was a really surreal feeling to see the whelping box and outdoor area set up. It became really clear to me again that the dream of my own small kennel is actually coming true. So excited for what is to come ♥


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