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My Trusted Friend Xanadu


Date of Birth: 10.02.2018

Color: sable

Dam: Seterbakkens Vici

Sire: Trust The Friend Of Norway

Breeder: Hege Voldmo

Owner: Christiane Salvetter

HD: A    ED: free   OCD: free

Eyes: free from hereditary diseases

Size: 56 cm

About Zane:


From owner Christiane Salvetter:

Xanadu (his callname is Zane) is like winning the lottery. He is one of the most loving and dedicated beings we have ever encountered. He gets along with everyone and everything, especially humans, and is grateful for any task given to him. He is not a dominant dog but a true Border Collie. He lives to please us and is enthusiastic about all things. His speed is almost scary, and like any good working dog, he can be directed with a snap of the fingers.

Some pictures of Zane:

Fotos © Christiane Salvetter

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